This is a brief description of who we are and what we do.

PANDA Group is the software maker since 1992. We started as a Lotus Business Partner.

Now we create software solutions for trading companies (inventory, products tracking), supermarkets (EPOS), and also accounting and other programs for various businesses. We are proud of the fact that such companies as ARDUS, Al Mashriq/BHS, Projects Services Intl., Atwood Richards Inc., Aviabrok-Consaud, Uz-TEXACO, Pinokkio, Tashkent Car Bazar (Car Market), Tashkent Airport, Benif, Metro, Tashkent Duty Free (including SkyShop), FABI, PodiumItalia, Reebok, Mexx, Adidas, BVV, Lahisam, Cenasco, NAFNAF, YvesRocher, Jean Daniel, and others became our long-term clients. Just as several banks, a number of embassies, and a lot (200+) of small companies.

You can find our latest EPOS/Inventory software running in ARDUS, Al Mashriq/BHS, Pinokkio, Metro and DutyFree supermarkets (check their cheques!).

We provide these turnkey solutions:
    programming and intergation of authentification systems with peripheral non-standard devices
    low-level (machine-code) programming
    any bar-codes/magnetic cards based systems
    EPOS systems for supermarkets
    inventory/sales tracking systems (our software is patented)
    parcell/cargo delivery tracking
    data bases of any kind

We offer affordable prices and fair rates.

Our company has developed software for statistical data analysis, PANDA. We are experienced in survey sampling (sample drawings) and data analysis.

Evaluation versions of our programs are available on this site.

We are located in Tashkent/Uzbekistan.

Contact us at (998) (90) 185-9309, 187-9309; e-mail: info (at)